Crown Poly Smart Plastic

The Crown Poly Bags made with smart plastic d2w additive breakdown faster than the natural decomposition process in traditional plastic.  The strength and quality of these bags are not compromised, providing the same strong bags that Crown Poly is known for.  Products made with smart plastic d2w additive can still be recycled with traditional plastic bags.

Available Products

Pull-N-Pak & Mini Roll Bags

One at a Time Dispensing – Pull-N-Pak® is the only system that dispenses one bag at a time to the very end, reducing waste up to 20%

Star-Sealed Bottom – Our patented star-sealed bottom is stronger than any other seal on the market!

Large Capacity, Easy to Load Bags – At 15″x20″ each bag holds 50% more than standard bags

Enhanced Self Opening Bag – addresses the #1 complaint about produce bags by providing a pre-opened, pre-separated start to have an open bag! Our bags are the only system that provide this unique and appreciated feature.

Front End T-shirt Bags

Strong and Durable – Hippo Sak® is made stronger, thanks to our innovative Power Strip® and tri-flex film. The Power Strip® creates a reinforced bottom seal, making Hippo Sak® 10 times stronger than standard grocery bags. No more leaks, holes, or tears!

Reduces Bag Usage – It takes 3-4 of the standard non-reinforced bags to hold groceries that 1 Hippo Sak® will fit. On average, Hippo Sak® has Increased items per bag by 25% and reduced bag usage by 20%