Crown Poly Plant-Based Bags

Plant-Based Pull N Pak Bags

The Crown Poly Plant-Based bags are USDA certified as a bio-based product because they are made from sugar cane ethanol instead of fossil fuel.  This helps reduce your carbon footprint by reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.  They are a cleaner, sustainable and renewable alternative to traditional bags. These bags are recyclable in your store takeback bin.


  • HD Plant Based – USDA Certified 99% Bio-Based
  • LLD Plant Based – USDA Certified 88% Bio-Based

Available Products

Pull-N-Pak & Mini Roll Bags

One at a Time Dispensing – Pull-N-Pak® is the only system that dispenses one bag at a time to the very end, reducing waste up to 20%

Star-Sealed Bottom – Our patented star-sealed bottom is stronger than any other seal on the market!

Large Capacity, Easy to Load Bags – At 15″x20″ each bag holds 50% more than standard bags

Enhanced Self Opening Bag – addresses the #1 complaint about produce bags by providing a pre-opened, pre-separated start to have an open bag! Our bags are the only system that provide this unique and appreciated feature.

Front End T-shirt Bags

Strong and Durable – Hippo Sak® is made stronger, thanks to our innovative Power Strip® and tri-flex film. The Power Strip® creates a reinforced bottom seal, making Hippo Sak® 10 times stronger than standard grocery bags. No more leaks, holes, or tears!

Reduces Bag Usage – It takes 3-4 of the standard non-reinforced bags to hold groceries that 1 Hippo Sak® will fit. On average, Hippo Sak® has Increased items per bag by 25% and reduced bag usage by 20%