Crown Poly Compostable Bags

Crown Poly Compostable Bags

The Crown Poly Compostable Bags are made from 100% vegetable starches which make them fully biodegradable and compostable, and allow you to offer the most eco-friendly option to your customers. These bags can be reused for separate collection of organic waste.  These bags are certified for both commercial and HOME composting and will degrade within 180 days.


  • BPI Certified
  • Vincotte OK Compost Home Certified
  • ASTM D-6400
  • FDA Approved
  • CMA- Composter Approved


Available Products

Pull-N-Pak & Mini Roll Bags

One at a Time Dispensing – Pull-N-Pak® is the only system that dispenses one bag at a time to the very end, thus reducing waste up to 20%

Star-Sealed Bottom – Our patented star-sealed bottom is stronger than any other seal on the market!  This helps to reduce leaks, holes and tears during use or reuse.

Environmentally Friendly – These 14″x18″ bags can be reused at home for collection of food waste; fits standard kitchen compost pails. Best of all, they will biodegrade along side the organic waste inside of them.

Enhanced Self Opening Bag – addresses the #1 complaint about produce bags by providing a pre-opened, pre-separated start to have an open bag! Our bags are the only system that provide this unique and appreciated feature.

Front End T-shirt Bags

Strong and Durable – This compostable material allows you to not only be kind to the environment, but also offers strength and durability in a bag.

Environmentally friendly – These t-shirt bags can be used again as collection bags for food scraps to line compost pails. And like our Pull N Pak version, they will fully biodegrade within 180 days along with the organic waste inside of them.

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Compostable Bags at Trader Joes

A huge Thank you to Lori Greiner from Shark Tank for highlighting her love for our Compostable Bags! Check out our Home Compostable Bags that are 100% degradable at Trader Joes.